“Masterclass on how not to do it” – Pundit sums Chelsea problems up perfectly

One pundit has literally summed up Chelsea’s problems perfectly using just one short sentence.

I don’t always agree with many of the pundits on our screens and on our airwaves, and especially not with this guy.

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But Graeme Souness is is completely spot on with what he has said about Chelsea, as seen below.

We can debate Mauricio Pochettino and whether he is good enough to manage Chelsea all day long and to be honest right now, I’d not even be upset if he was sacked. But this is the route of the problems at the club right now. They have signed a bunch of half decent young players and attempted to throw them all together and have success. It was never going to happen. They needed to build a team rather than just scout and sign young talents who may or may not come good at some point.

It’s been setup for failure from the off, and they’ve spent £1bn signing new players in doing so.


  1. I do agree . The damage is done . Why this new owner assemble wrong people . Sporting director recruitment? . . Medical unit .. premier league is a tough league , and the owner and his director assemble soft team . Lack of passion , no guts to fight .need to survive this season and rebuild this coming summer . Please hire the right manager coach . Inject experience talented players to this squad please.

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