Mauricio Pochettino faces huge decision over whether to pick his star player on Sunday

The Christopher Nkunku situation at Chelsea is an exceptionally strange one.

He looked great in preseason, and after he picked up an injury just before the real games began, we spent months imagining how good we’d look when he was back.

He came back for a quick cameo, before getting injured again.

Since then, Mauricio Pochettino has been building up his fitness. When he left him out of the starting XI against Aston Villa and Crystal Palace, we assumed this was so he would be fresh for a Man City – Liverpool double header.

But in fact Nkunku didn’t start on Saturday night either. It seems that Pochettino isn’t happy with his work rate when he’s on the pitch, and doesn’t trust him to start games where we’re going to need all hands on deck.

If that’s the case, we shouldn’t expect him to start on Sunday against Liverpool either. But can Pochettino really afford to leave his crown jewel out of such a big game? It’s a huge call for him and the team.

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  1. no he can’t jackson not good enough and numuka has the skill and class he should be in starting 11 with maduke no Sterling keep same defence midfield drop palmer back playing with 2 up front

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