“People criticise” – Pochettino draws on excuses again, should probably let performances talk

The most annoying thing about playing on a Monday night in the Premier League’s weekend fixtures is that they embargo loads of sections of the press conference from Friday and release them throughout the weekend.

It’s really daft, and it makes it look like Mauricio Pochettino is just talking and talking all weekend when the reality is he just spoke on Friday for about half an hour taking designed questions to make articles from!

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And here we are, making an article from some of the comments!

I understand that Pochettino was asked questions about injuries etc but really, he needs to help himself here and just say less when it comes to excuses and let his tactics and performances do the talking. If he continues to coach a game like we saw at Aston Villa in the week, then that’s all he needs to do right now.

Making more excuses is just not what fans what to hear. We all know the situation and that it’s a long-term project and there has been so many injuries, but we don’t need to keep hearing about it. Whether those reasons are valid or not, before the Villa game in the week we have just not seen anywhere near enough progression and clear tactics from the boss to be confident and enjoying the football from Chelsea so far this season. That is the bottom line, regardless of excuses.

“The perception is one thing, but if you don’t have your best players, it’s difficult,” said Pochettino in embargoed quotes from his Friday’s press conference released late last night. “You’re judged on results, (but) circumstances are there. Always we play with different circumstances.

“When you only see the result, people criticise because you lose the game. But never you go into the analysis of why.

“Before, I was focusing on giving good information to (the media) to put it all in context, to provide the argument what is going on. But now, after seven months, I don’t say ‘I give up (with the media)’ but if people want to understand OK, if not (then) focus, move on and try to win games.

“After seven months, I need to still explain and explain and explain. Unless people want to listen, that’s it. I’m not going to spend too much energy in keeping going, explaining and explaining.

“If you want to understand, perfect. If you want to help Chelsea, perfect. I’m not saying you are helping me. It’s helping Chelsea.”

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