Pochettino mentions New York, Tokyo, hair loss, stock markets, weather, and farms in presser

The embargoed section of Mauricio Pochettino’s press conference came out late last night as it always does.

These sections of the pressers will often have extra little snippets and some more tasty quotes, and I think in this one, there are the most random bunch of words and analogies I have ever seen in the same place whilst reading a football manager’s press conference!

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We all have our ways of expressing ourselves, and it seems Pochettino has his own wild and unique way of doing that and getting his points across as well.

He has somehow mentioned New Yok, Tokyo, stock markets, hair loss, rain and the weather, his crops on a farm, and cereals all in a couple of paragraphs in his latest presser!

It’s clear what he is trying to explain below, but I’ve just never seen anything like this before!

In words picked up by The Guardian last night, Pochettino said: “Football is my passion, not my job.”

“To be focused on playing football you need to be free in your mind. You can’t let it be affected because of the stock market in New York or Tokyo, or the weather in I don’t know where because the farms cannot grow the cereals. That is why I keep my hair like this. It’s because I do not suffer for things that I am not in charge of. I only suffer for sport, for football, to try to improve the players.” “

That is sport. You can win or lose. If there is no rain at my farm I cannot grow the crops. You kill the business of my family on the farm and they need money. That is stress. With that you can lose your hair. But I cannot lose my hair because the opponent was better than us.”

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