Apology for “personal outburst” comes just a day after Chelsea manager reveals player came to speak to him

Thiago Silva’s wife Belle sent out a Tweet after Sunday’s defeat to Wolves which called for “change” before it was “too late.”

It was pretty clear to us what she was hinting at – sacking Mauricio Pochettino. The coach revealed in his presser yesterday that Thiago had been to see him, presumably to apologise for his wife’s behaviour, although Pochettino wouldn’t reveal the exact contents of the conversation.

Part of it may have been Silva promising his boss that Belle would apologise, which she has now done today on her social media channels:

“I’m sorry that my personal outburst as a passionate Chelsea fan has caused such an impact. I’m passionate about the team, I thrive on victories and I’m saddened by defeats. We all want the same thing, a winning team, come on Chelsea!” she posted on her Twitter page today.

In this day and age, an apology doesn’t count for much, as it’s just bringing more attention to her profile. That’s why she sent out the original Tweet, and now she gets a juicy second wave of engagement from this apology. Call us cynics, it just doesn’t ring as true as it should.

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