There appears to be real confidence at Chelsea that things are coming together

Based on recent media and the latest deep dive written by The Daily Times this weekend, it looks like there is real confidence at Chelsea that things and plans are now really starting to come together.

Personally I am still a bit wary of such confidence and hope that this clear PR work does not come back to bite them and they end up with egg on their faces. But even still, I do agree that there have been improvements this season and in the last few games, we have really started to see that come to fruition.

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But the concern is that we have seen those good moments and run of good games already this season, and then we fold over and have two really bad games. So we have to improve that consistency and keep the improvements going, for me to be really convinced that we are seeing the plans come together right now. And I know that MANY other fans are also feeling the same as this.

The Times say the feeling at Chelsea is that things perceived in the planning phase are now being manifest on the pitch; that at last a £1 billion project is coming together and starting to look like something more than dollars chucked at a wall by Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali, their owners.

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