“They do need to” – Cesc Fabregas perfectly sums up Chelsea right now

Former Blues midfielder Cesc Fabregas is the latest to have his say on the current situations at the club right now.

Mauricio Pochettino has been under huge amounts of pressure recently, and the most he has been under as Chelsea manager so far this week.

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Last night eased a lot of that pressure for now after they went to Aston Villa and won 3-1 in the FA Cup, but the key now is the keep that momentum going and try and move away from the problematic inconsistencies they have been seeing all season.

Fabregas is still adored by Chelsea fans, and he has also recently started his own career as a football manager. So when he speaks, Blues fans will listen, and rightly so.

What he has said about the current Chelsea, as picked up by The BBC today, is absolutely spot on in my humble opinion.

The former Barcelona and Spain international said:

“Chelsea Football Club demands results now no matter what. And also, I think they have a responsibility for the fans, for their history over the last, what, 20, 25 years. I do think that Mauricio [Pochettino] is a really good coach, but it feels that they still haven’t found their 11.

“There is a lot of quality and a lot of talent, but they do need to find their best shape. It’s not all about tactics, but they do need to fit their best players in their best positions.

“They do lack a top striker. I mean Chelsea in the last years they’ve always had top strikers. Let’s remember the Drogbas, the Diego Costas, Anelkas, etc. You need someone to put the ball at the back of net and they don’t really have this top, top player to make the the difference in the end.”

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