(Video): Chelsea manager admits his team can’t handle setbacks – but he is at fault

Mauricio Pochettino was asked about today’s defeat to Wolves by Chelsea TV after the game, and had to confess he had identified one of his team’s main weaknesses: a lack of ability to bounce back from setbacks.

He said that where his team was really struggling was when they found themselves in bad situations, and were unable to turn these around.

“We are affected too much [by bad moments]” the manager said, quite candidly.

Unfortunately for him, the person in charge of changing a team’s mentality is the manager.

You can see the manager speaking in the clip embedded here, or by following this link if it’s geo-locked in your location:

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  1. I am a Chelsea fan but if I tell you that I’m not tired of watching this team then I would be telling you lies. When the rumors of Pochettino being hired were everywhere, I faulted it. I commented here that Pochettino isn’t the right manager for Chelsea but no one listened. I was never his fan, he doesn’t have a style, and he’s never won any trophy. He lacks that finishing ability. The time you expect much from him as a manager that’s when he will flop big time. I remember when he was a Tottenham, his style of play couldn’t help Chelsea. Most of you were hyped by his performance at PSG. Ligue 1 is not as competitive as ENG PSL. Any average coach can manage PSG and get good results at any time. So the board should enjoy the rhythm, they have what they ordered.

  2. Those who should bear the main brunt of the blame is Boehly and Eghbali. The club has no direction. They appointed Winstanley and Laurence who have bought players not fit for the Premier League at vastly over inflated transfer fees. None of those players bought would get in to a top 4 club. Pochettino has made mistakes but he can’t make a silk purse from a sows ear.

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