Mauricio Pochettino put in serious bind over selection of unpopular winger

Mauricio Pochettino is in a bit of a tricky situation when it comes to Raheem Sterling.

Clearly the coach rates him far higher than those fans who were booing the winger. But even if Pochettino wanted to drop Sterling now, it might well be interpreted as bowing to pressure from the stands, something that he can’t be seen to be doing.

His best hope is that he picks Sterling after the international break and we see a devastating showing against Burnley at Stamford Bridge, earning back the crowd’s love and justifying the coach’s decision.

But the alternative is a disaster – Sterling gets picked again and then has another bad game, possibly promoting more fury from the stands, and digging Pochettino deeper into his dilemma about whether to drop the veteran.

It’s a tricky man management moment for the Argentine operator, who is feeling the pressure from the stands almost as much as his player.


  1. Maybe the folks in the stands need to get a clue! Booing Sterling accomplishes nothing. Indeed, it’s childish and totally counterproductive.

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