Another Lukaku goal puts him in the spotlight – but he won’t talk about his future

We’ve not been covering Romelu Lukaku much recently – which is not a great sign. It means that Chelsea are having such a horrendous time that we don’t have much time to spend on our loan players and their progress.

Some will have forgotten that Lukaku even is a Chelsea player, but he is, and this summer he’ll be coming back for another awkward round of loan-hawking.

He scored tonight for Roma against Brighton, and after the game was asked about his future. With Jose Mourinho gone, it feels like the nomadic forward might fancy another move, but he has learned to keep quiet about these things after a number of media firestorms over the years.

When asked about his future and his loan expiring this summer, he said “I have to be careful with those answers.

Lukaku is the Europa League top scorer, and has a 1 in 2 goals to games ratio. There should certainly be interest from a few places this summer.

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