“Chaos and division” – Chelsea’s Fan Advisory Board strikes back against Supporters’ Trust

The open letter from the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust to the club which was made public last week caused a major stir.

It was so critical of the ownership that there was no way that it could be allowed to pass unchallenged, and today there’s been a response from the Fan Advisory Board.

The FAB was set up by the new ownership to provide a link between them and the average supporter – precisely the sort of connection which the CST letter criticised the new setup for lacking.

As we can already see though, as a group picked by the owners themselves, it’s never going to really do anything but praise them and act as stooges on their behalf.

Their response accuses the CST of creating “chaos and division through attacks and campaigns,” and claims they “don’t recognise the suggestion that fans are not being involved.”

Well of course they would say that, they’ve been appointed as the liaison between the two. You’re never going to get a straight answer from them, especially on a subject like this.

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