Chelsea can name super strong line-up for next league game

Chelsea’s performance today was somehow one of the most infuriating we’ve seen, despite containing some of the best moments of the season.

The goals were great and there were bright signs from a number of players in the attacking line.

Yet some of the bad showings were so bad, and some of the managerial decisions so mystifying, that it was hard to not leave with a bad taste in your mouth despite the bright spots.

It’s a confusing and unsatisfying way to leave things for the international break. Is this Chelsea team fatally flawed or tilting in the right direction? Is a Chukwuemeka-Jackson-Palmer front line going to suddenly turn us into a top side, or is the back 5 going to collapse entirely.

Petrovic; Gusto, Chalobah, Colwill, Chilwell; Enzo, Caicedo, Gallagher, Chukwumeka-Jackson-Palmer. That’s a team that could genuinely line up in our next fixture. It’s hard not to feel positive about that. Barring any injuries on international break, or fatigue returning in some cases.


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