Chelsea forced to pay “£750k-£1m in compensation” for pending deal

Chelsea will soon be forced to pay some compensation for one pending deal they are looking to complete, per reports this morning.

As reported by multiple outlets now, Chelsea have reached an agreement with Brentford for set-piece guru Bernardo Cueva to join the club next season as part of a new set-piece department being setup by the club.

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But as you can see below, Chelsea will have to naturally pay a bit of compensation to Brentford for taking their expert at the end of the season.

Matt Law of The Telegraph reports Brentford will receive £750k-£1m in compensation from Chelsea for their set-piece coach Bernardo Cueva.

In the grand scheme of things this is a very small amount and will not have much effect either way. It’s just refreshing that Chelsea will be addressing one of the most pressing issues they have faced on the pitch in recent seasons.

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