Chelsea given boost by Newcastle injury news – key player to miss Monday night clash

News has emerged today that Newcastle right back Kieran Trippier is injured and will miss the game against us on Monday night thanks to a calf injury.

All things considered, that’s a pretty big boost for us. Trippier is a quality player and a key part of how Eddie Howe’s Magpies like to play. Without him they will be a lot less threatening down the right – and will miss one of the best set piece takers in the country.

It’s only one player, but we’ll take every edge we can get.

We will get our own injury news a little earlier this week – the press conference is at 12.45pm tomorrow rather than the usual time of 1pm on Friday.

That’s particularly strange given it’s a Monday night kick off – and may in fact we get less accurate information from the coach than usual given there will be three full days between the conference and the game day.

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