Chelsea man benched – but heavy defeat could be good news for the rest of his season

In previous seasons, our loan watch has been a lot more fun. It’s been clips of goals and assists and clean sheets.

This year, it’s the opposite. It’s mainly a series of articles like this one, lamenting a player being stuck on the bench once again.

This is partly down to bad decision making from those at the top, and there’s no question that some of the teams picked to take our players were poor choices to begin with – Andrey Santos’ move to Nottingham Forest being a prime example.

But bad luck has come into it too. Alex Matos is feeling the effects of that now.

The midfielder made a really promising start in his move to Huddersfield, but the change of manager there a month ago has been a disaster for him. He started on the bench today against West Brom, the third game in a row that’s been the case.

They were smashed 4-1 in the end, so maybe this new coach will try a more Matos inclusive approach going forwards?

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