Chelsea “not interested” in bringing legendary former manager back

Nizaar Kinsella’s piece for the Evening Standard today paints a pretty gloomy picture of Chelsea’s situation.

He points out that manager Mauricio Pochettino “appears to have lost the core fanbase” and may be in an “unsustainable” situation now.

The problem, as he points out, is that there’s no easy next step. Who is willing or able to step in for 3 months until the summer? And even then, who will come to such a dysfunctional club?

One name that keeps being brought up is Jose Mourinho, but Kinsella shoots this down pretty comprehensively.

He says that Chelsea were “not interested” in their two time former boss last summer, and are unlikely to change that stance even with the coach back on the market after his sacking in Rome.

Kinsella also points out that there probably couldn’t be a “worse manager” for a “fragile young group of players.”

He’s probably right there too. A Mourinho return is not the answer, just a comforting image in these difficult moments. We need to look forwards now, not backwards.


  1. That is just your opinion , Are you related to the chelsea fc board????? Its so funny how you are so sure on your opinion.

  2. RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!! Jose knows the club set up better than any one else, and knows how to get the best out of players. Also comments on young players, the under 18’s, 21’s used to will every possible cup available a few years ago, but nothing recently. If not Jose, Tuchel did what no other coach at the bridge has done,– made us WORLD CHAMPS. Use brains for a change, both of them would succeed, —–IF THE OWNERS LET THEM !!

  3. I understand you Super Frank. Jose Mourinho knows d club’s set up, bt dat’s during Abramovic’s era & no doubt for me could be a short term solution to Chelsea’s woes. Though, in d longer term I’ll prefer a Zidane, who unfortunately needs a good convincing to come to any other club other than Real Madrid, Marsille & d French national team according to a reliable source & friend of his. Tuchel is another great option. Even though I doubt dat d current owners will learn to put pride aside & bring him bck. And, Jst like you Frank, I wish d management of Chelsea F.C will humbly allow managers to get d players they want.

  4. Jose Maurhino seem to be over the hill now. He has failed repeatedly as a result was followed by sack in different teams. His new style now is to ridicule players, and referees openly when the results are not forthcoming. What is left now are memories of what he did at his prime. Is he still the ‘special one’, the results do not lie.

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