Chelsea player ‘desperate to stay’ at the club and is not making ‘unreasonable’ demands

One current Chelsea player is reportedly desperate to stay at the club and he is not making any unreasonable demands over a new contract.

Many have been writing their reports on this situation in the last days and weeks and it’s a situation that everyone has an opinion on. It’s certainly created a passionate and emotional response from the Chelsea fan base, naturally.

Sources: The left back coming to the forefront of Chelsea’s target list for the summer!

Our writer Simon Phillips has put out his version of events via sources, and has explained the truth behind the Conor Gallagher situation and his future via Simon’s Substack site.

Basically, Gallagher’s contract runs out in 2025 and so far there have been no official talks over a new deal, per the report. The club are still looking most likely to sell him this summer, but Phillips has not completely ruled out a new deal at this point.

He says: “I am told that Gallagher would like ‘some increase’ in his wages to sign a new deal and that will require some normal negotiations. But I haven’t heard that his demands have been too extortionate as of yet. Gallagher wears the captains armband, is indispensable for the current head coach, and is now a fully fledged England international, so any increase he might be asking for is far from unreasonable, per sources.”

But he also reiterates that as of now, it is the club’s desire to try and sell the England international first and foremost.

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  1. An “increase” might not be unreasonable, but £150k/week (which is the amount he’s reportedly demanded) IS! There’s no arguing that he’s worked exceptionally hard for us and been one of our most consistent/reliable players this season, but, setting all sentimentality aside (because one must during contract negotiations), he’s just not a world class talent. For example, would he be starting for any of the clubs currently challenging for a league title? NO! So, no matter how important he is to us at this moment, it’s hard to see why we would want to commit big money to a player whose ceiling doesn’t appear high enough to make him our starting #10 of the future (when we hope/expect to once again be competing for league titles its City, Liverpool, and Arsenal).

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