Chelsea player goes from most regular U20 in the Premier League to no starts in a whole season

Chelsea announced today that Romeo Lavia is going to miss the rest of this season, having played just once in its entirety.

The announcement was greeted by a reaction that was summed up best by: “typical Chelsea, what’s going on with our medical team,” etc. etc.

Someone later dug up a great Tweet from June 18th last summer, pointing out that Lavia was the U20 player with the most Premier League minutes played last season. This was meant to illustrate how much Chelsea’s medical team has “ruined” a player who previously had proved to be remarkably durable.

You can see the full list in the Tweet here:

Of course, it’s not as simple as just being ironic – it may well be that his current injury nightmare is a direct result of playing so much at a young age.

But his issues this season are hard to pin down – no individual injury seemed that bad, yet he’s going to miss the entire season.

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