Chelsea player wishes the club a Happy Birthday – and it’s exactly who you’d expect

On this day in 1905 Chelsea were founded, and of all our current players, it’s hard to imagine anyone caring about that more than home grown lad Conor Gallagher. He’s just done a happy birthday post to the club, something we find pretty charming.

Once again we want to reiterate, that it seems to mad that he’s the top of the list to be sold when he’s one of our best players and clearly cares so much.

Is this laying it on a little thick? Perhaps from another player we’d be suspect, but Conor’s love for the club has never been anything other than totally convincing to us.

Even the grammar and formatting is delightfully authentic, compared to the heavy PR efforts you get from some players. We desperately hope that the club and Conor can sort something out, it would pain both parties to see him leave, that seems obvious.

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