Chelsea Supporters’ Trust tell ownership they risk club becoming a “laughing stock” as they demand engagement

The Chelsea Supporters’ Trust has written an open letter to Behdad Eghbali and Todd Boehly addressing the “current mood and anxiety due to lack of clear direction off the pitch,”

It claims that the “supporter mood” is at its lowest in the 1980s because of the failure of the new ownership to engage with the fanbase.

They warn that a “continued lack” of some sort of engagement could lead to “irreversible toxicity.”

The fear that the club is becoming a “laughing stock” is used to explain the dark mood around the club in the letter, which was sent after the 2-2 draw with Brentford earlier this month.

You can see the letter in full in the Tweet here:

It’s nice to have it all summed up like this, and they put it very neatly. The mood at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, where fans were booing their own player, was the latest in a very clear series of demonstrations of unhappiness recently. Negative songs are sung about the ownership on an almost weekly basis.


  1. The only embarrassment I see are the fans who’ve authored this letter. They whine and moan constantly and act like spoiled children. Is “irreversible toxicity” supposed to be some kind of threat, lol?! As if the level of toxicity isn’t already bad enough???

    If I’m Boehly I’m looking at the way these idiots are already behaving and thinking, “go ahead and do your worst! They’ve had it in for me since Day 1 since I’m a ‘Yank’ anyway. And now they have the nerve to threaten me? I own the club and they can all go pound sand for all I care!”

    I mean, seriously. All the owners have done is invest $1 billion in Chelsea FC and the so-called “supporters” haven’t supported them one bit. They’ve had their knives out since the word do. And now we see them maligning their own players week in and week out. What good are they if they’ll turn on a guy like Raheem Sterling in the midst of a WIN that advanced them into the semifinals of their second domestic cup competition of the year? Spoiled rotten and terminally negative is what they are, and Chelsea Football Club would be better off without them!

    1. Amen to that we’ve had enough,the owners need to talk they got rid of the people that knew the club totally unacceptable I’ve been sporting the club over 60 years and I’ve never seen such a devastating cock up to our club by these two owners and the government it’s like they both want Chelsea FC to disappear too upset to write anything else feel so angry…

  2. There is no point in spending loads of money like any investment you are looking for a return, so far that has been zero, the negativity comes from above the old saying “you don’t know what you are doing” and I think that is a fair reflection so far there has been no improvement since last year other than loads of money spent and for what ! You can understand the fans getting frustrated the players don’t play as a team, yet if you look at the squad of players we have I think it is one of the best but leadership is missing from the management. Enough said !!!!!!

  3. I won’t blame the fans for letting out their disappointment,but taking it to that length is far way too much,I can understand that a lot has been happening at Chelsea but to say the truth Chelsea has not been moving in the right direction, times I don’t know either to blame the coach or the players but one thing is very clear and certain to me” Chelsea players are not fully committed to the course, looking at the way they play , there is no fighting spirit and that desire to push on,it’s as if they play for fun,they prefer moving the ball around the midfield,’s so frustrating that Chelsea is at their current position up till this time of the quality leadership on and off the field, several missed chances that would have push the team forward,.too much back passes which results in putting themselves under pressure..if only this current Chelsea players knows the sacrifices their predecessors make to push Chelsea this far,they will definitely do anything that will make the fans not to boo them

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