Chelsea targeting 18-year-old to replace veteran defender Thiago Silva

Chelsea’s recruitment team are still seemingly insistent on signing teenage talents for the first team going forward.

And when it comes to replacing veteran defender Thiago Silva, they are apparently now targeting an 18-year-old to do that job, which is frankly quite absurd.

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Don’t get me wrong, Leny Yoro is a fantastic player and a super great talent, but he is still just a young teen.

The Evening Standard are reporting that Chelsea are interested in a summer move for talented young Lille centre-back Leny Yoro as they weigh up defensive options to replace Thiago Silva.

Yoro has enjoyed a brilliant season in France and the 18-year-old is also attracting interest from other big European clubs including Paris Saint-Germain and Real Madrid.

Silva will be leaving Chelsea at the end of the season when his contract runs out and despite what people might think about him right now and his contributions at the age of almost 40, his boots will be VERY big to fill regardless.

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  1. Simon, you’ve gotten as bad as SuperFrank, lol! You say bringing in this promising young talent is “frankly quite absurd,” and then offer nothing to back up such a bad claim.

    It’s no longer obvious that Thiago Silvia’s departure will be a bad thing, as, despite his vast experience, he’s increasingly looked over-challenged to keep the pace physically. In fact, I’d argue that we’re better off when Disasi and Colwill are healthy simply leaving Silva on the bench. So, how is it a bad thing to keep investing in youth?

    It seems to me that you’ve grown embittered with the current state of the club and your columns (which I used to find informative and, occasionally, incisive) now reflect a barely contained outrage that has made you far less objective and, honestly far less valued as a reporter of actual news. I’d urge you to take a step back and be better! There’s just no call for labeling this transfer target “absurd,” the same way it made no sense to claim (without evidence) that the new set piece coach would be “shouting from the bench.” You’re doing none us any favors when you try to embellish your reporting with such baseless characterizations and it’s certainly lowering this reader’s once high opinion of you by the day.

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