Chelsea try to avoid “transfer treason” by selling academy player to big rivals

The Daily Mail have today put out a rather interesting update on Conor Gallagher’s future.

Chelsea came close to selling him to Tottenham back in the summer as they look to balance the books after a couple of years heavy spending.

This report claims that the Blues would rather sell him elsewhere than “commit transfer treason” by sending him to Spurs. West Ham and Newcastle have also been linked with the England international, whose contract has less than 18 months to run now.

This might seem obvious – in previous years it would have been – but this ownership have shown such intense desire to cash in on the midfielder, and the links to Spurs were so much stronger than those to any other club, that we really had begun to believe it.

This is some level of good news, but of course the best outcome is that we don’t sell our midfielder at all.


  1. Idiotas gringos ignorantes, quieren vender al que más sangre azul corre en sus venas, nuestro Gallagher no es vendible.

  2. You’re reporting on this as if the owners are orchestrating and overseeing every transfer when, in fact, they have (British) staff who handle all of that now, lol! So you can’t go hanging your frustration on foreigners. And, as usual, you act like you haven’t asked for the players they’ve purchased (that require some amount of sales to offset). You gladly accept the hundred million pound acquisitions, but don’t want to pay the piper! Of course, this “blame game” reporting is just the kind of childishness we’ve come to expect from SuperFrank.

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