Chelsea were “unhappy” with the minutes loan player was getting – but they’ve made things so much worse

The ridiculous Cesare Casadei loan situation is one we’ve dealt with in these pages before.

A summary – unlike most of our loaned out players this season, Casadei was playing regularly for his temporary club, and growing into the season, earning his manager’s trust and getting more and more minutes as time went by.

Then in January, Chelsea unexpectedly recalled him. They’ve since used him for a grand total of 17 minutes.

Manager Mauricio Pochettino claimed this was to help his squad depth in midfield – although if he’s only getting 5 minutes every 3rd game, you’d think a youth player could have filled that role.

Even more puzzlingly, Simon Johnson’s piece in the Athletic today claims that sources at Chelsea have said they were “unhappy with the minutes he was securing [Leicester].”

Well if they were unhappy with his 25 appearances and 1111 minutes in the Championship, how must they feel about his 3 appearances and 17 minutes since January?

He also can’t play in the FA Cup because he’s cup tied, and there are just 10 Premier League games left. At this rate he’ll play another 17 minutes before the campaign ends.

How on earth did we manage to blow up one of our few successful loans deliberately?


  1. Manager should be confident on his skill . He should start playing on start . Manager complaining of tiredness of some players but his not doing things to rest them . Manager should have confidence on casadei chukwuemeka mudryk and noni to start playing them on the start . Like badiashile is to be starting CB with Desasi . Chalo can play RB to give rest to gusto . He should know the strength of his players and play them get the right formula and give rest to those players been playing weekend week out . Silva can play with 3 at the back . I wish their remaining games is a win . God bless Chelsea FC forever.

    1. I don’t disagree, but the minute he does what you suggest (rotate players) SuperFrank will just accuse him of “not knowing his best 11.” It’s one of the laziest (and stupidest) criticisms you’ll ever hear from a pundit, but that’s why it’s guaranteed to be the first thing out of SuperFrank’s mouth.

  2. SuperFrank’s making a mountain out of a mole hill as usual!

    Despite this new reporting about his minutes while on loan, Poch has already spoken about the main reason for recalling Casadei—we had no depth at midfield due to injury! That’s not something the manager can just ignore and you, SuoerFrank, of all people would have moaned and wailed if he’d not recalled Casadei and we’d ended up with yet another midfield injury and had to play someone totally out of position. So, to act like that’s all beside the point and that the current situation is some sort of disaster that could/should have been avoided is pure fantasy!

    Secondly, even if he’s not getting the minutes just yet, the fact that Casadei has the opportunity to train with the Chelsea first team is NOT NOTHING. It’s not only a chance for him to become familiar with both the manager and the teammates we hope to see him starring alongside someday soon, but it’s guaranteed to be a step up from training with a side in the Championship.

    So how about knocking off this constant stream of contrived “disasters” that you’re so fond of declaring lest we start calling you Chicken Little!

  3. Managers inability to rotate in games is something to really ugly and I think lots of youth players are in this with casadei.

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