Chelsea’s devastating xG difference still among the worst in Europe despite improvement

Chelsea have got better in attack over the course of this season, as players have settled in and built chemistry, but it will take a long time for the numbers to correct themselves.

The stats still show their weakness clearly. They have the 12th highest xG of any team in Europe’s top 5 leagues, a total number of 54.84.

But out of the same list of teams, in terms of league goals actually scored, they’re down in 21st. That’s a massive XG difference of -8.84 the 19th highest difference between what we’ve scored and what we should have scored.

With a total xG of almost 55, we’re not actually far off Man City, who are 5th in Europe on 61.68. But they’ve scored 62 goals to our 46. That shows a clinical level of play that we just don’t have.

Still, the trend is good, and it feels like that gap will be closed big time next season, especially if we add another clinical player.

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