Chelsea’s owners have begun work on a new stadium – but not for the Blues

The “BlueCo” ownership of Strasbourg is not very popular with the fans of the club, as you might expect.

But they’re getting stuff done, and today we saw the first announcement of the expansion and redevelopment of the club’s historic Meinau stadium.

One of the oldest grounds in France, the home of the Alsatians has long been due for a revamp, and today the club released mock-up images and a 3D video tour of new look.

It will be a 3 year project, with work already preliminary having started last summer on some elements. There will be more capacity, more corporate facilities, and even a “fan park.”

Now the question many Chelsea fans will be asking is – what about Stamford Bridge?

Sadly that’s a problem so big that the club haven’t even shown much desire to want to start thinking about it just yet. This project will be easy by comparison.

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