Chelsea’s powerful midfielder returns to Championship action – but can’t help his team avoid another loss

Alex Matos was making progress on loan at Huddersfield until they brought in new manager André Breitenreiter, who instantly benched the Chelsea midfielder.

Today he’s been restored to the team, with the German coach clearly seeing his midfield was lacking the energy and strength Matos brings.

It hasn’t made much of a difference, unfortunately for them. They’re 2-0 down at home with an hour played, and relegation is looking more and more likely unless they find some form somewhere.

The manager change certainly hasn’t worked for them – their last win was in February.

Let’s at least hope it at least signals that we’re going to get a lot more Matos action between now and the end of the season. The midfielder had been making great progress, and this campaign can yet be a big success for him in terms of minutes played if he can keep starting for them in their final 7 games.

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