Chelsea’s terrible defensive record against average team costs them points again

Chelsea’s awful result today saw them concede 2 goals against ten man Burnley. Unacceptable even under normal circumstances.

But it actually continues a horrifying trend of defensive calamity which has haunted us since we lost to Liverpool in extra time in the Carabao Cup final at the end of February.

Since then, the Blues have conceded two goals in EVERY GAME they’ve played. Two against Leeds, Brentford, Newcastle, Leicester and now Burnley.

That is not a run of the very best in the game, that has some very average teams and some relegation fodder in the mix. And they ripped through us.

You can talk about missed chances all you like – if you just manage to not concede so many goals every week you can allow yourself a few misses.

At both ends of the pitch, we’re just not getting the job done. Thiago Silva’s removal from the team hasn’t been the boost we hoped.

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  1. We played well enough to win the match but for: (1) coming out of half-time half asleep and giving up a bad equaliser; and (2) horrendous defending on two corners (one resulting in a goal and the other hitting the woodwork). Burnley’s second goal off the corner was eerily reminiscent of Van Dijk’s winner at Wembley in that the scorer cut unimpeded across the box to meet the ball at the near post and nobody put a body on him or attacked the incoming ball. It’s naive defending that’s got to be addressed.

    So, on the negative side we failed to take what should have been a sure 3 points, but on the positive side the issues that need to be addressed are readily apparent.

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