Claims about Conor Gallagher sale after “devastating announcement” just don’t add up

The contract talks between Chelsea and Conor Gallagher have “completely stalled” according to Football Insider’s Pete O’Rourke.

He says that Chelsea’s “devastating announcement” about their finances have put any further discussions on ice, and made selling the home grown midfielder essential.

Now it may well be true that Gallagher’s sale before the 30th of June is essential for digging us out of this mess. But we (and those in charge) knew that all along.

The idea that these announcements have changed their plans doesn’t make sense.

They may only have just announced the figures to the public, but those same figure have been available to them on the inside the whole time. One would hope they’re keeping a close eye on them as they build their transfer strategy.

This isn’t news to them, and there’s no reason that their plans should change just because they’ve told the public about the hole they’re in.

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