Conor Gallagher given “ultimatum” by Chelsea over £150,000 a week demands

The Conor Gallagher contract situation has taken a bit of a back seat in recent weeks just because of the number of games we’ve been playing, but now we’re into the international break it’s straight back into the headlines.

Teamtalk have today published an exclusive which claims that Chelsea have told the midfielder to lower his wage demands. They call it an “ultimatum”, with the midfielder set to be put up for sale if he doesn’t comply.

Their sources say that Gallagher wants more than £150,000 a week, with the club unwilling to go that high. Tottenham are said to be “waiting to pounce.”

What a world we’re living in if Tottenham can afford to pay our academy players more than we are… it’s not a great look.

The whole situation has been handled incredibly badly, and the fact that Gallagher is doing really well and has  become a key player for Mauricio Pochettino has only strengthened his hand in negotiations.


  1. Todd Boehly your pathetic. You are happy to pay a has been mercenary in Raheem Stirling £325 000 a week and yet you are reluctant to pay a home grown talent who gives 100% week in week out who loves Chelsea football ball club £150,000 a week .
    You truly are a fool .

    1. He’s not worth 150k, lol!

      Doesn’t matter what we pay Sterling. Totally irrelevant! The fact of the matter (indeed, the only fact that matters) is that Gallagher hasn’t earned the wages he’s demanding. Yes, he gives his all for the badge and he’s even shown some quality in moments, but he doesn’t have the quality or the track record to be worth 150k/week—not yet anyway.

      You note Gallagher is a “home grown” talent and it’s understandable why so many supporters feel sentimental about Gallagher (much as they did about Mount), but this is a BUSINESS decision and sentimentality should NEVER factor into a contract renegotiation. You’d have every right to criticise Boehly & Co if they allowed it to, but it’s actually the opposite that is happening here. The owners are doing exactly what they should be, in driving a hard bargain, and that’s what makes your argument a weak one.

      1. He hasn’t hearned the wages he’s demanding? He’s statistically in the top 1% of central midfielders in Europe this season, and he’s been acting captain for the majority of our games this season.

        Yeah we need to sell. We need money. But Boehly put us in that position.

        At the very least, we should not let Conor go to a rival, let alone fucking Spurs.

        Sell Sterling instead. He’s been shit and not done his role as a senior role model at the team.

      2. Please do not try to justify Boehy decision making – afófanos wages and hasn’t played SARS wages not played a game both on 75-100k a week do I need to carry on the man is a joke

  2. Chelsea board are really getting it wrong over Connor Galleegher contract issue…. How on earth would they have offered bigger contract in terms of salary to some of the players who hasn’t played 200 mimutes for the team this season…. And veey reluctant to award connor with good pay because… He is the best chelsea players if not, and toying with him lightly for Tottenham to pounce with an offer of just £25m …

  3. It’s quite clear who ever runs this ones great football club have no clue about football you have ruined this club stick to what you know and it ain’t football

  4. I wonder how the world of football is going to judge chelsea if they fail to pay that average pay these days to such a wonderful player of Gallagher’s callibre, morever a chelsea homegrown player performing so well at the moment.

    Indeed it’s pathetic!

  5. I wonder how the football world is going to judge chelsea for failing to pay such a wonderful player of Gallagher’s calibre that average amount in today’s football world, moreover a homegrown player and among the best performing players for chelsea now.

    Indeed it’s pathetic!

  6. Gallagher should be given above 150k per week becoz he plays very well. Indeed he has impressed this season. There is no problem in that given that he is a homegrown talent and if the co and boehly fails to do so then let him join spurs .I hope he would be happy there

  7. Give him the wage his asking for, this guy keeps improving and hardly pick up injury, despite his contract saga still on yet he still give his all, on every match his involve in.

  8. What sort of a message is this sending to our academy players who are coming through the ranks you will not be paid as much as those players we are. Buying at overinflated prices because if you don’t accept what is offered we will sell you and reap 100% return for FFP benefit – what a joke we are becoming

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