Exclusive report claims Chelsea owner will lose his role at the club

An exclusive report has claimed today that one Chelsea owner will soon be losing his role at the club.

The Daily Mail claim that their exclusive information believes that Todd Boehly will be removed as Chelsea chairman in 2027!

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But it’s by far as drastic as it sounds and was always seemingly part of the bigger plan at the club anyway.

The report claims Chelsea will appoint a new chairman in 2027 to replace Todd Boehly. As part of an extraordinary agreement the club’s American co-owners can pass the chairmanship between themselves every five years. And it can be revealed that the intention is to do just that when the opportunity arises at the end of the 2026-27 season.

Under the terms of the group’s takeover, Boehly is thought to have ‘gone first’ despite holding a minority stake.

So as you can see, it’s nothing major in terms or news, if not a bit odd. But then nothing surprises me these days in football!


  1. This is a nothingburger. It was always part of the arrangement that the chairmanship would rotate. Disgruntled fans have made Boehly a convenient target (in no small part because he’s American), but he’s had little to nothing to do with the day-to-day operations for quite a long time now. So, the only “news” here is that the supporters will have to find a new target for their spleen!

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