Exclusive reveals Chelsea are targeting a new name for left back not linked before

An exclusive report has revealed a brand new name for left back that Chelsea are targeting, and this is a name that has not previously been linked to the club.

The summer is fast approaching now and Chelsea are expected to be one of the busy clubs again, especially due to the fact they ended up having a super quiet January, suggesting they had left any of their big business for the longer window at the end of this season.

Reporter Simon Phillips has a BUMPER transfer news article that he has just released on his Substack site with a lot of exclusive information on a number of names, plans, and the different positions they will be looking to sign in come the summer.

He has revealed the name of a new left back being targeted by Chelsea for the summer as well, 20-year-old Luca Netz of Hertha BSC. The Germany U21 international has joined Chelsea’s shortlist as a potential option to come in at left full back.

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