Fan group tells Chelsea owners that they “aren’t welcome and never will be”

A fan group has told Chelsea’s owners that they are not welcome and never will be at the club.

However, this isn’t yet directly happening at Chelsea, just at their sister club Strasbourg, who are also owned by the same owners, Todd Boehly, Behdad Eghbali, and Clearlake Capital under the name BlueCo.

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Chelsea fans have been releasing damning statements lately though, although perhaps not quite as damning as this one from the Strasbourg fans.

The Evening Standard have the report on this latest unrest from the fans of a club owned by the Chelsea owners, and it doesn’t look good at all there.

While the Chelsea Supporters’ Trust this month warned of “irreversible toxicity” towards Boehly and Eghbali in west London, Strasbourg’s largest fan group, Ultra Boys 90, have said their BlueCo project “aren’t welcome and never will be”.

Antagonism towards Boehly and Eghbali in France comes amid poor results, criticism of their youth-first transfer strategy and fury among fans about a lack of communication from the owners.


    1. They own it! It’s not like they need your permission or your welcome, lol!

      Ultimately, the hate aimed at the owners, the manager and, at times, even the players says more about the fans hurling it than it does Todd Boehly & Co.

    2. Yes, they are welcome. Because you see I’m not a spoilt brat who thinks I’m entitled to success. I’m 60 & a lifelong Chelsea fan & I am grateful for what Boehly & Co have done & are trying to do. Trust me, if we’d had owners that were tightfisted & refused to spend a penny it would be you who would be complaining. But I get it, you’re disgusted that these new owners would, say, sell Havertz & bring in someone like Cole Palmer. You are disgusted that they would ship out Kepa & bring in Petrovic. Fine, that’s YOUR opinion but it ain’t mine.

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