Gianfranco Zola tells Chelsea players how to connect with the fan base

You get a sense that this current Chelsea team are slowly but surely winning over many of the club’s fans by showing heart and fight on the pitch.

It took a while, and the players have taken a while to settle, which is quite natural for a young set of players. But the fans are really warming to a number of the players now, if not all of them.

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There was obviously the situation with Raheem Sterling being booed last weekend, and everyone has an opinion on that one.

But the fact that Chelsea fans are seeing decent team spirit and are witnessing mostly a team of players who are not giving up easily, at least in recent games, is really seeing the fans back the players lately.

Gianfranco Zola has been speaking about how he connected with the fans when he was here, and his words should be seen as good advice to the current squad.

In an interview today on the Chelsea website, Zola said: “What I loved most about it [his time at Chelsea] was the relationship that I established with the supporters. In Italy, we are used to it being either very good or very bad, and it all depends on the result.

“Here, it’s not so much. As long as you go on the pitch and you give your best for your team, they love you and they support you all the time. That’s something that I appreciate so much.”

“It was incredible, I don’t know how it happened so fast. Probably they liked my passion, they liked my style of play, and also the club started to get good results. I think all of this made the relationship start to grow very quickly and it was amazing.”

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