“He needs to get better” – Former Chelsea striker slams “lucky” player after shocking first half

Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink is on punditry duties duty for BBC Sport this afternoon at Stamford Bridge, and he’s not held back when it comes to criticising one player in particular.

Robert Sanchez was rotated into the team today, with Mauricio Pochettino explaining before kick off that it was important to get him “competitive minutes,” for some reason.

Well any chances of him winning back his first choice spot have been pretty convincingly demolished by that first half. He dawdled on the ball, as has become his trademark, and was caught out multiple times.

Jimmy can’t believe what he’s seeing: “He hasn’t played for a long time. He doesn’t play regularly. He takes a lot of time when the ball comes to him. He gets in trouble. He needs to get better. He takes too much risk. He’s lucky,” the former striker explained.

The more nervy Sanchez gets, the greater his propensity to go slowly and try to act calm. Which leads to more problems. It’s a bizarre trait for any player, let alone a goalkeeper. So far it hasn’t cost us, but as Hasselbaink says, that’s only because of some very good luck.

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