“He’s a flake” – Simon Jordan criticises Pochettino

Simon Jordan believes Mauricio Pochettino has shown no backbone in recent weeks and described him as a “flake.”

Jordan has taken issue with Pochettino’s lack of reaction when asked about Gary Neville’s comments following the Blues defeat to Liverpool in the Carabao Cup final last month.

Pochettino and his players were obviously gutted at the result and should have won the game given the amount of big chances missed and Liverpool’s depleted lineup.

That didn’t stop Neville from putting the boot in and making sure the audience knew his thoughts on Chelsea’s players with the pundit offering little sympathy.

When asked about the comments in the aftermath of the game Pochettino remained respectful and didn’t rise to it.

Jordan has taken issue with this and said he wouldn’t respect Neville as a person if he had said that about his team.

In a conversation with Jim White on talkSPORT about pundits not liking certain managers White said: “You can throw Pochettino in there?”

Jordan replied: “Well yeah, he’s just a flake so you don’t have to.”

White cut him off with: “He’s a flake?”

Jordan added: “Look at his interviews after games, he’s a flake. Look at the way he lets Gary Neville get away with tripe said about his team. That’s flaky. You want managers to be a bit more robust.”

“Neville said dreadful things about Chelsea being bottle jobs in the final and his attitude is I respect Gary. Well, I don’t respect Gary if I was him and he issued that comment. I wouldn’t respect him as a person.”


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