“Hopefully I will have a career here” – Big quotes make major summer transfer look more possible than ever

In the wake of the nasty scenes on Sunday where he got some rough treatment from Chelsea fans, rumours started to spring up yesterday about Raheem Sterling potentially moving to MLS.

His £300,000 a week contract is going to make him very difficult for Chelsea to shift, unless there’s some magic Saudi bid – or just maybe, one from the US of A.

To add some spice to all that, TeamTalk dug up some quotes from the England winger where he actually spoke about the sport in America:

“English football has grown massively over here. It wasn’t like that in the past, and it’ll continue to get bigger.

“I was surprised even just popping out to the shops and being recognised by one or two people. I didn’t expect that over here.

“This is a country I would, one day, love to be able to come to. Your weather is a lot better than ours. Hopefully one day I can have my family over here.

“For sure, it [MLS] is growing in the UK, and people are really taking it in and want to come over. Hopefully I will have a career here as well.”

Now this doesn’t prove anything, and it may well be that 29 year old Sterling thinks he had 5 good years left in him before he even thinks about an MLS move.

But it does certainly lend a little weight to the idea that he could be tempted by heading out there, joining a number of former Premier League players who seem to move at younger and younger ages these days.

Why get booed at the Bridge when you can be scoring for fun for the Charlottesville Hotshots?

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