How Pochettino may have just lost the Chelsea fans for good with latest lineup decision

Cast your mind back to August and you’ll remember that Chelsea fans were pretty delighted with Mauricio Pochettino.

He had come in with a big smile and a positive attitude, wiped away all the negativity of last year, overseen some nice football in the friendlies and seemed to be good news all around.

There was only one thing that annoyed Chelsea fans in those early weeks – the coach’s strange preference for using his best left back, Ben Chilwell, as a left winger, then using his best centre back, Levi Colwill, as a left back.

He persisted with this, despite growing frustration from the fans, until Chilwell picked up an injury.

Since the England international’s return, absences at centre back have meant that Colwill has been needed in the middle, forcing Pochettino to use both players in their natural spots.

But today’s lineup seems to show a return for Chilwell to the wing. If this goes wrong, it might just the final straw for a lot of fans who are critically low on patience with Pochettino.


  1. No manager has ever had to do anything to engender the negativity of the Chelsea fanbase, lol! I’ve never been a part of any group of supporters that’s as negative and self-sabotaging as this one. The grass is somehow ALWAYS greener!

    Just the fact that you’ve got a growing chorus of supporters pining for Jose says all you need to know, lol! He who flamed out spectacularly the last time around at Stamford Bridge. He who is notoriously impatient with young players. Yet you have a considerable number of numbskulls so blinded by their impatient outrage with this young squad and its manager that they are engaging in a mass act of amnesia (or is it dementia?!).

  2. Pochettino is just trying to send the funs away with his habbit of playing players out of position,i think this Chelsea job is just big for him

  3. I agree with the last comments. The Chelsea fans who never stop whining do not realise that when they signed up there was a 100 years of history that got the club to winning trophies. Much was not glorious with relagations. During those bleak times a hard core of supporters stayed behind the team and did not winge and moan. That is why the club is still around today. For some young fans it all seems to be about bragging on social media so if they are getting stick they lash out at the club.

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