“I know my place” – Mauricio Pochettino reveals total lack of power over transfer situation

Mauricio Pochettino’s press conferences have been relatively interesting of late.

Some of his comments have been frustrating Chelsea fans, but there are other moments where he reveals a little about how things work at the club now. Yesterday was a great example. In the embargoed section of the presser in the buildup to today’s game, Pochettino revealed how little power he had over transfers:

“I am the coach, that needs to be my place,” he responded when asked about whether he would push to keep Conor Gallagher.

“I cannot be involved in this. It’s only between the club and Conor that can make the deal. I know my place.”

He was then pressed further on this he gave a “no comment.”

“There is nothing to win for me [by replying]. What am I going to say? I am the head coach.

“My job is to coach the team and to pick the decisions for tomorrow, for the starting 11 and squad, and try to improve the players and try to win games. That is my job.”

Basically what he’s saying is that he knows what side his bread is buttered. What’s the point making a fuss now? This is what he signed up for, even if he doesn’t think it’s the best way to do things, he knew what he was getting himself in for.

If we had brilliant sporting directors building him a perfect squad, this division of power would work well. So far, it’s not played out like that.

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