“I won’t ask for anything” – Mauricio Pochettino on his strained relationship with Chelsea fans

The tension is rising at Chelsea. Bad results are piling up, progress is limited, and the fans are losing patience that they never even had after two years of chaos.

Lots of them were never sold on manager Mauricio Pochettino, and few have been convinced by what they’ve seen this season. In the press conference after the game today, he was asked about whether he was concerned that his relations with the supporters was deteriorating:

“I am not worried. We need to accept this relationship. Someone asked me, do you feel the love from the fans? No. You need to build the relationship and you build the relationship through winning games. I won’t ask for nothing, I will continue to work and change this perception.”

We do feel for Pochettino a bit. He’s struggling and he’s certainly making some calls we disagree with, but he does seem to be doing his best and he’s studiously avoiding any clash with supporters, even in moments of serious pressure.

Once again, he was a good Cole Palmer finish away from being applauded off the pitch at full time. Still, unless things pick up soon, he will certainly be heading into his final stretch of games as coach.

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