If Pochettino didn’t use midfielder with 50 career goals yesterday, he’s never going to use him

The red card for Burnley yesterday made Chelsea’s task very clear yesterday. At home, against ten men, against a team at the bottom of the table, they had to win. And as early as the 60th minute, Mauricio Pochettino took off a central midfielder for a winger to make that happen.

But as is so often the case, introducing another attacker didn’t suddenly make us more efficient. Losing Conor Gallagher (who wasn’t having a great game anyway) only served to remove more intensity from the team, and while it’s useful to have Madueke’s one on one skills and shooting in the team, he didn’t get much chance to use them in a crowded attack.

One player left on the bench (again) was Cesare Casadei. He’s a central midfielder with great goalscoring ability (he’s got 50 goals in 161 official matches), and a particular strength in the air. Surely after an hour, if you want to be able to swing crosses in without losing a midfield players, he’s the best choice?


  1. Poch has lost the dressing room, the board hve lost the fans, Chelsea are a complete mess,Boahly ,Bagdaddy and clearlake should sell up and piss off back to america, what a group of fucking idiots.

    1. STFU and sell your own business and pack the fck off to where ever the sht you want to. Most of y’all are just dumb clueless spoilt fans always looking for the next person to blame for their miserable life. Is it Poch or the owners that caused the defenders to sleep off and concede two useless goals? Was it the owners and the coach that made our striker and attackers to not take chances when they had it yesterday? If y’all don’t know what to say just shut the ef up and find a hole to crawl up in, I’m so sick and tired of all you people’s complain about the owners as it they haven’t tried enough with the kind of money invested in the club. Fckin spoilt fans.

      1. Lol ,so use to buying success mostly fanatics than loyal ,die hearted true blue blood fans

        1. Klopp and Guardiola were given time. There are visible signs of improvement and nothing is going to be gained by yet another restart.

        2. The owners are not to blame pochettinho is a wack job who doesn’t take risks look at the performance of andre santos yesterday it demonstrated to us yesterday that poch is not the guy for chelsea football club

      2. You are just one of most useless,visionless and dada head fan,coach always do calculation of the game when at the bench,take example of pep,he know who to sub and when to sub.your minds is as well tattered like those of poch and tend,idiot,give people freedom of views or you take Stamford at your house.nkt.

      3. You’re an idiot. Bad buys and sh** training are responsible. So it’s all of them. Not buying a world class striker in 2 years? Get a grip! I’ve supported Chelsea since the days of Hudson,Houseman and Hollins, so I’m not a glory hunter.

      4. Bro it’s the coach who plays football not the players,if it wasn’t pep wouldn’t be the best in the world of football and if man U kept taking trophies after Alex Ferg. So the manager contributed 90% success of the match.
        One problem is potch.cant create maturity in those kids,to me Palmer performed bad wasted over 6chances for fellows to score but he tried on a tight angel where even you can see he can’t score. Ok if stelling or mudrk had tried it in too was Palmer scoring the second.
        Let the team bring back Thomus tuchel

      5. Most of Chelsea fans are clueless and unrealistic. They are always emotional. Is he the coach and the owners who will tell the players how to score or defend? The players awareness and team spirit is somehow low. Chances were created and missed. This happen often,I wonder what they discuss or learn in the games they win or lose.

      6. Yes it is Poch’s fault. The man is very slow in his decision making. One example is the Brentford match, Brentford has just equalize and the momentum was with them, the game getting out of our hands and instead of the coach to make some changes to swing it back to us, he didn’t do a thing until Brentford scored another. Okay you can say the defenders should have done better, which yes, they should have but you forget that our best and most experienced defender is in the bench, why not use him. Why recall Casadei from his loan spell at Leicester only to not use him. That’s talent slowly wasting.

      7. Bro, this brief you have undertaken to defend current Chelsea owners and their clueless choices which has reduced Chelsea to a laughing stock, is an ill fated one. You can’t in all honesty defend Chelsea board. You can’t sack a champion’s league winning coach and replace him with a clown of a coach. These stipplings are obviously talented but they need a top coach to burnish them and improve them which Posh can’t do. What were the board thinking when they hired this guy?. There is no structure, no winning mentality in this team, and only a coach can configure these into the team. Don’t pass the blame bro. Lay it squarely on the table of the owners.

      8. Thats what happens when you don’t understand soccer. The coach trains the players and he makes decisions about who to play and not to play. Players on loan and stuff. So if the team plays well we give him credit. If results don’t come we have every right to blame him and you can do fockol about it. Thats soccer.

      9. Bruv,
        Boehly & Co. are quite easily the primary reasons we’re perennially swinging between 10-11th position on the table standing as though it were out birthright.
        From the onset, every ef-ing decision they made as new owners were destined in ruins; the sacks & or clearing of Tuchel, backroom staff, Bruce Buck, Sporting Director, Pete Cech, medical team, Players (outgoings & incomings) etc were all done in quickfire fashion. They were simply reckless and still is. Over 1b quid burnt stupidly on 90% bang on bellow average players. We weren’t such a bad club before Cearlake, but we sure are now.
        Cheers to backing rubbish…

    2. Yes my Chelsea is clearly a dead dodo.Owners are idiots ! They must back out off My Chelsea.

  2. I dnt know what ther are still doing with sataling & jacson when we have madueke and nkuku this pple are all drack from couch and the rst if the stf of mdcall are slpng pls try anther way for nkuku to be fit thers so many docter in this wld we liv wk up

  3. Those owner’s thought club football is just like any other business investment, and they were like let’s buy this kids and spread their cost on longer contracts,, and then sell them off and make billions and guess what pal it’s hitting them hard and more harder..damn

  4. I think posh is trying something with it ur young team. I say let him Cook. It’s his first season at least we were at the carabao finals and now we have a chance to get the fa cup. I believe next season with the additional of #victor , our attack will be stronger Vic_jack we will nail our opponents but for now I believe:
    # posh is the man , Chelsea is the team and blue is the color

  5. Chelsea need a better new coach.

    Pochetinno as PSG manager was criticising Chelsea team under Thomas Tuchel, now the touch fell on his reign. @chelseafc should stop hiring coaches that criticise Chelsea to remain relevant in the news to keep their job.

  6. Poch has no tactical skills, We have quality players.Chelsea has no Coach. We need a coach who is serious and players are fearing like Guardiola. A coach who makes noise in the field. Not quiet some like Poch.

  7. This is fucking stupid owners how the fuck can you bought children for a big club like Chelsea is a waste they much fuck of from where ever they came from.

  8. Stick with it. Young squad, gaining experience, Liverpool only beat them in Extra time in league cup final. This team cant compete for tbe league for 2 more seasons, got a great manager, great squad.

  9. Poch should have been sacked earlier he has no idea over his best first 11 using tactless players like Murdyk, Enzo, Jackson etc yet he has very good players in his squad.

  10. The blame goes to the owners.
    Drogba, Essien and Ballack who were good players were brought in and a very good Coach, Jose Mourinho was also brought in.
    What has the new Owners done?
    No good striker.
    Man City sold Sterling for what reason? Because he is finished.
    Mudrik, Caesedo and Enzo are inexperienced so what do you expect from them.
    Look at the Attackers Liverpool has. About 4 of them who can come in and change the game anytime. But Chelsea only has one striker who is inexperienced.
    Jackson doesnt compare with Drogba.
    What title has Poch won compared to Mourinho?
    You better forget about Chelsea and support Liverpool or Man City.

  11. With all due respect it is painfully difficult to tell if Pochettino does have any idea of what he is doing or what he is supposed to do. I am certain no Manager can do anything worse than what we are observing. The team has no identity, no pattern, no structure and no motivation. They are just a bunch of strangers wearing the same shirts!

  12. Chelsea seems to have more supporters than fans and this is one of the greatest problems of the team, not the owners, fans etc.
    With the advent of Abrahamovic and Mourinho, so many glory hunters flocked to the club and they’re still the cry babies whose only expectation is winning trophies without building a winning team.
    These are the same people who will be hankering for the return of Mourinho who has been a flop in his last three outings at Chelsea, Man U and Roma or a Tuchel that has done mighty Bayern Munich to a second class team in the Bundesliga.
    Chelsea supporters need to wake up to the reality of what other fantastic clubs like Barcelona, Man City, Arsenal, Liverpool etc went through to become giants and that’s consistence team building.
    We the fans know that you can’t continue restarting after every hiccup and having lasting success. The days of buying success like it happened with Ferguson and Mourinho are over in football!
    Our team this year has been better than last year and can only become better next year.
    With the addition of a world class striker and less injury to key players, this team can challenge for titles in the next two years.
    Supporters can go and join other teams, we the fans will stick with the Blues no matter the colour of the day!

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