“If you don’t want to train you can go home!” – Mikel reveals who Chelsea legend lost it with in training

John Obi Mikel has revealed which team mate Petr Cech “got so angry with” during a training session.

Cech was the latest guest on Mikel’s Obi One Podcast and the Nigerian recalled a story of when Cech lost it with then team mate Florent Malouda at Cobham.

The former goalkeeper is a club legend having helped the Blues win their maiden Champion’s League trophy with a heroic performance against Bayern Munich and also had an advisory role on the club’s board before stepping down shortly after the Blues were taken over.

Speaking on the Obi One Podcast Mikel recalls the story from that training session: ‘When he really gets angry, he goes for it, he goes for it. He stands up and he goes for it.”

“But I hadn’t seen him get so angry until… mostly when I’ve seen him do it, it’s on the training pitch. One time he had it with Florent Malouda, if he remembers that! Obviously, Flo was Flo, and then he said to Flo: ‘Oi! If you don’t want to train, you can go home!’”

Cech has been doing some media work recently and appeared on Sky Sports Monday Night Football for the coverage of Chelsea’s win over Crystal Palace.

The 41 year old also revealed during the podcast that the decision to leave the club was solely his and he wasn’t asked to leave the club by the new owners.




  1. “Wasn’t asked to leave by the new owners.” Funny, that’s certainly not the way SuperFrank portrayed it at the time. The knee-jerk assumption (as usual) was that the new “American owner” was betraying the club by sending a club legend packing. Interesting that SuperFrank didn’t see fit to report this new piece of information with a mea culpa.

  2. I am enjoying this home truths about my club. I became a Chelsea fan as far back as when Ruud Gulit joined the club and cemented my love for the club when Vialli was coach/player. I have always been a blues till date though watching my team play these days give me a lot of misery and depression. I pray things improve for the better soon.

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