“I’m in charge” insists under pressure boss of Chelsea affiliate after fan unrest

The Chelsea ownership’s purchase of French club RC Strasbourg has not gone down well with their fans.

A group of their “ultras” summed up their feelings with an open letter this week saying that their historic club had been reduced to an investment vehicle, with experienced players sold off to bring in youngsters, aiming to make a profit rather than succeed as a club.

It mirror how a lot of Chelsea fans are feeling about our club at the moment.

But Strasbourg club president Marc Keller has done a big interview in L’Equipe this week denying that that is the case.

He has insisted “I’m in charge,” despite the investment, and says the plan to go for younger players was already in place before the BlueCo investment.

Whether it’s a plan from him or from BlueCo, we’re not sure the fans really mind. They want a team that can win, not a team built to be sold for profit.

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