(Image): Chelsea’s average age trend shows new era has a long way still to go

The CIES Football Observatory have capped off the international break with an interesting graphic comparing the average age of players recruited in the last 5 years compared to the 5 years before that.

Chelsea are 5th in the table, but the whole league is trending younger, with only 7 teams having signed older, and only 2 teams older by more than a year on average.

You can see the whole league’s numbers in the graphic embedded here:

Our policy has clearly been pretty significant, but it’s interesting that we’re still only 5thin the league, and at -1.37 our average signing age has come down far less than table topping Brighton at -3.37.

But let’s remember this is a 2019 to 2014 average. If we keep up our same policy and redo it again to cover 2022 to 2026 in a few years, we will see ours plunging even more than Brighton.

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