(Image): Mykhailo Mudryk’s progress after one year at Chelsea in stats

Mykhailo Mudryk has been at Chelsea for well over a year now, and the eye test will tell you he’s made some improvements, but nothing concrete or game changing.

What do the stats say? Someone on Twitter compared last season (red) with this one (blue) to find out.

You can see the comparison chart embedded here:

r/chelseafc - Has Mudryk improved during his time at Chelsea?

Now as always, there’s an important disclaimer. These stats just measure what Mudryk has done in a game, and that will be as affected by what how his team is doing, what the score of the game is, and what his manager has told him to do, as much as anything else.

Still, there are some interesting increases – he’s creating his own shots a lot more, and just overall his shooting is up and his passing is down. Defensively he’s also contributing far more tackles and interceptions.

So overall, some positive change. As much as we’d like to have seen in a year? Probably not.

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