Insider tells Chelsea owners to “explain their vision” as fan base turn on them

It’s all gotten rather toxic once again at Chelsea Football Club in recent times, with the team currently sat in 11th place in the Premier League.

It’s just not good enough, and Chelsea fans have been venting their anger and frustrations towards the manager Mauricio Pochettino, and also to the club’s owners. It’s got to the point where we have see Chelsea fans sing the name of former owners and managers at recent games, and things are not a good feel right now at the club.

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Will it get better? Will the manager soon be replaced? Will the owners admit to more mistakes and make more changes up the top of the organisation? All these questions and many more currently stay as unanswered, but Chelsea fans will not be content waiting for answers with no response for too much longer, and insider Ben Jacobs believes the owners need to come out and explain their vision.

Writing in his latest exclusive Chelsea column for SPTC today, Jacobs said: “Chelsea fans haven’t only turned on the manager, but the owners as well. And I do think it would be helpful if the latter speak publicly and explain their vision.

“It’s probably a bit selfish as a journalist to want to talk to anyone senior at a club on the record, but as long as Chelsea’s owners stay out of the limelight and media, all the pressure will fall on Pochettino, who is sometimes put questions others are better placed to answer.”

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