“It is a different project” – Mauricio Pochettino once again tells Chelsea fans to lower their expectations about the club

Mauricio Pochettino has once again told Chelsea fans to lower their expectations and take in the fact that their club is in a new era now.

The Blues are a money making (theoretically) venture, not a rich man’s plaything now.

Pochettino doesn’t make it that start, but he still insisted as he has all season that those fans who are expressing their unhappiness with him need to get realistic about the changes.

“It is a different project, today is a different Chelsea. My mistake is to accept to come here if you say (otherwise) to me. Because if you are going to judge us and analyse the situation compared to the past of Chelsea, hey, for sure no-one is going to win, no-one is going to succeed, no-one is going to be nice with you.

“I see the fans are not going to love another coach because if you compare with the past when you are in a different project…people need to understand. I try to explain but okay, if I talk and I move my mouth but you don’t hear anything….that is the point.”

But Chelsea fans will still say they think he should be doing better with this group of players. Some will argue there’s been improvements under difficult circumstances, other say there’s been no tangible move forward.

What we want is consistent good outings, even if we don’t win, and we’re not getting that. A result tonight against Newcastle would go a long way towards that.

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