“It’s a major breach” – Former Premier League CEO thinks Chelsea could face huge points deduction – and the way out isn’t pretty

Everton are the first team to be stung by a points deduction from the Premier League under their new Profit and Sustainability Rules, and their former CEO Keith Wyness thinks that Chelsea could be next.

In an exclusive interview on Football Insider’s Insider Track podcast he spoke about the Blues’ situation financially, and why he thought Todd Boehly and co. could be next in line for a major punishment:

“It’s fascinating because they’ve got all these players on long contracts,” he explained.

“We’re talking about them being forced into a fire sale, but these players have got bargaining power and leverage due to their contracts.

“It’s going to be a very tricky negotiation to handle. There’s going to be a lot of money being paid out to settle these contracts before the players even think about moving on. It’s a bit of a mess, to be honest.

“If they don’t get this done, then it’s looking clear that a points deduction will be put in place – and it could be a big one. It’s a major breach, as it stands.”

We’re not too worried just yet. It’s obvious that these scare stories generate big interest and big clicks for those reporting them, and the reality may not be as severe.

The fact is that no matter how deep a hole we’re in, it can all be solved by selling players this summer. That may be extremely damaging for us as a team, and have its own consequences, but ultimately until June 30th we still have the capability to get out of this hole.

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