Joe Cole recommends two Real Madrid players to Chelsea board this summer

Former Chelsea winger Joe Cole has recommended a couple of Real Madrid players to Chelsea this summer.

The former Blue has been speaking about what he thinks Chelsea need to do in order to improve this summer, and he mentions something that many of us have been speaking about for some time now and what many pundits believe has been neglected by the club – experience. Or a lack of it.

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Chelsea’s squad is very young and inexperienced, and it features many players who are still very raw and developing. They lack leaders really and certainly lack proven and quality experience. It’s a squad full of talent, but the squad build itself has been rather naive.

Cole thinks Chelsea should turn to a Luka Modric or a Toni Kroos from Real Madrid this summer, to see if they can tempt them across to help out this young squad and help them grow and develop some more.

Speaking to TalkSPORT, Cole said: “I’d be looking to bring in some experienced players to set the tone. I’m thinking is Luka Modric out of contract? Does he want to play in the Premier League for one more year. How much has he helped Camavinga, Tchouameni, Valverde? Toni Kroos is 34, does he want to test himself at his age and help this young squad?”

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