Journalist confirms Chelsea “don’t feel at risk” entering “final summer of a four-window plan”

A journalist has confirmed that Chelsea do not feel at risk entering the final summer of a four-window plan put together by the owners when they first arrived at the club almost two years ago now.

A lot of clubs have been concerned about FFP and profit and sustainability sanctions, although it is largely the media who are blowing everything up and putting fear into fanbases around the country. Of course, it is something that all clubs need to be watching and keeping an eye on, and balancing of the books will naturally need to be done.

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But journalist Ben Jacobs says that Chelsea don’t feel at risk of profit and sustainability sanctions right now, which is reassuring to hear.

Jacobs tells GIVEMESPORT: “As of now, Chelsea don’t feel at risk of profit and sustainability sanctions. But on the football side, their model requires another big spend since they are entering into the final summer of a four-window plan. Having not added any players in January, Chelsea won’t want financial concerns to stop them moving freely in the market. This is why they may look to bring in £100m+ in player sales to not only balance the books but give them more leeway to move in the market.”

It all sounds pretty positive to me, and we all know that Chelsea will be looking to sell a number of players this summer before the end of June again, just as they did last summer. I think they will comfortably be able to sign new players after that as well.

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