Manager explains his thinking over slightly odd goalkeeper decision

This season has seen a battle between Chelsea’s two goalkeepers for Mauricio Pochettino’s favour.

Both arrived as new signings, but Robert Sanchez got here first and established himself as number one.

But his injury in December opened the door for Djordje Petrovic, who had a long run in the team and looked more assured than his teammate.

When Sanchez returned to fitness a couple of weeks ago, it was clear that he had lost his number one spot.

But today the Spaniard gets a chance as the “cup keeper” against Leicester, and before kick off Pochettino explained his thinking:

“Robert Sanchez was our number one at the start of the season before his injury and now is a good chance to recover him with competitive minutes.”

We’d rather see the strongest team picked regardless. It’s not like we lacked the chance to see Sanchez earlier this season. And how many minutes does a goalkeeper need to get fit? Why do we need to recover him anyway if he’s not going to play in the first team?

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  1. Poch is an idiot. Risking Sannchez in a vital FA Cup match, when Petrovic has been outstanding for us.
    Schoolboy error, not something you”d expect from a supposed ‘elite’ coach’.

    And sure enough Sanchez was poor throughout this match, even possibly at fault for the Disasi own goal, when he was so far out of his penalty area.

    Poch’s comments are nonsensical.

    Also his continued use of Sterling is another sign that Poch ought to be replaced. It’s been obvious to 90% of the fans that Sterling isnt the player he once was. when you have far better players, like Noni and Charny on the bench. Ridiculous.

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